Regular Savings

Putting coin into the piggy bankOur Share Savings account is your key to credit union membership. Maintaining a $20 balance in this account establishes you as a member of Cheney FCU. This account earns a competitive dividend rate that is calculated daily and posted to the account quarterly. There are no monthly maintenance fees associated with this account. Once your membership is established you are eligible to apply for other credit union services.

Open a Savings Account

Super Saver

If you are looking for a spot to park some excess cash, but don’t want to tie it up for 6, 12 or 18 months in a certificate, look to our Super Saver Share Account (SSSA). With $2,500 you can open this totally liquid savings account and earn a higher dividend rate than the Regular Savings. There are no monthly service fees associated with this account. Click here to review current rates.


Lock in current dividend rates with a Cheney FCU 6 month, 12 month, 18 month or 24 month Share Certificate. Share Certificates require a minimum deposit of just $500. Dividends are posted quarterly and at maturity. Set a little of your savings aside in a certificate and watch it grow.

36 month Bump Rate Certificate:  The Bump Rate option gives you the the opportunity, should our rates rise, to bump up your certificate to the new, higher rate and deposit additional funds. You may exercise the bump option one time during the term of the certificate.  The Bump Rate Certificates require a minimum deposit of $500.

Super Share Certificate: With a minimum deposit of $50,000 you can earn an even higher dividend rate. As with the regular share certificate, you can choose from terms of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. See the RATES page to view our very competitive rates.


Retirement savings money in jarRetirement and Education– What nice words.
Cheney Federal Credit Union offers a variety of Individual Retirement Accounts. We have IRA Share Savings accounts and 18 – 60 month IRA Certificates. (For current rates click here.) We offer Traditional, Roth, and Educational IRAs. Start saving now..

Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club account can help take the financial stress out of the holiday season. You make deposits throughout the year, and then in November we will send you a check (or transfer to your Cheney FCU checking account) and you can go shopping!

Set aside a little each payday and see how it can add up. Apply Now!

Kid's Club

Special Offer:  Earn a bonus 3% APY (annual percentage yield) dividend on the first $200 in all Kid and Youth Accounts at CFCU.Save_A_Saurus

For our members that are 8 years old and under we offer our Dino-Saver account. When the account is opened the child receives a dinosaur bank. To encourage regular saving, each time a deposit is made of $5 or more we will put a stamp in the passbook and we’ll give a special prize when 5 stamps are accumulated. Birthdays are also a special time for our Dino-Savers.

Our 9 to 12 year olds are in the Kid’s Club. For their birthday these kids receive a $5 Birthday Bucks Certificate to be deposited to their account. We encourage saving by offering several promotions throughout the year.

The Smart-Start account is for our 13 to 17 year old members. An ATM card is one of the perks with this account. This will help our young people develop responsible use of plastic cards. Smart -Start members also receive a birthday card with an extra surprise.

Credit Unions Celebrate Youth in April!
Every April, Cheney FCU celebrates Credit Union Youth Week. Children are encouraged to save via contests and informational materials geared toward young savers.