GAP Protection

You found the right vehicle.  You negotiated the best price.  You drove it off the lot.  Chances are, the value just dropped.  During the first few years of ownership the value of your vehicle may decline faster than your loan balance.

Now you can protect your investment in your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or RV with a product called Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP).  GAP coverage goes into effect when you need it most -- when your vehicle is totaled in an accident or is stolen and isn't recovered.

GAP covers the difference between your insurance settlement and the payoff of your loan (up to 125% of book value).  The peace of mind received from this product far outweighs the small one time fee.  Be sure to discuss GAP with our loan staff.

To find out more about GAP, Mechanical Breakdown Protection, and Debt Protection, click the link below:

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